About Sorte Firkant Festival

Sorte Firkant is an alternative music festival, located in the heart of the muliticultural district in Copenhagen, Nørrebro. Sorte firkant translates to “Black square”, and is an reference to the district’s legacy, being a place of poverty, rebellion, and cultural diversity in the 1960’s. ‘Square’ refers to the geographical boundaries of this area, which is reminiscent of a square or a box. This area also encompasses all the venues of the festival.

One of several theories suggests that the name stems from a time where the district was covered in black soil from an iron foundry located at Blågårds Plads – which is at the center of Sorte Firkant.

As a festival, we strive to present a mixture of established artist within niche genres, but also a large emphasis on upcoming artist, from in and outside of Denmark. Sorte Firkant is not limited to any given genres, but we are usually in the confinements of noisy, alternative and extreme music. We are always on the lookout for new music, so feel free to contact us at [...] and recommend an act you would like us to book – or send us some of your own music. Here is a list of line-ups from previous years.


As2o3 / Bande de los Apaches / Black Light White Light / Blood Child / Boundaries / Collider / Deer Mx (MEX) / De Forbandede / Dune Messiah / The Entrepreneurs / Kogekunst / The KVB (UK) / Kælan Mikla (IS) / Lee Ranaldo (US) / Listener (US) / Lowlife Brotherhood (US/SE/DK) / Modern / Måneskjold / Nothing (US) / Orcas / Leizure / Snail Mail / TSS / Yune / We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself 


AEX / Bellhound Choir / Crystal Shipsss / dälek (US) / De Underjordiske / Doldrums (CAN) / EGA Legionnaire / Ensemble Economique (US) / Fugleflugten / Hôy la / Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs / Linda Lazer (NO) / Lorenzo Woodrose / Manon meurt (CZ) / Molly / Nadja (CAN) / Nils Gröndahl / Ras Money / Red Lama  / Speaker Bite Me / Stearica (ITA) / SVIN / Take Us To Your Leader / TAN / Yung


Acorn Falling / Birdeatsbaby (UK) / Bleach Blondes / The Bowdashes / Bug Chaser / Catch The Breeze / Dans Dans (BE) / Dune Messiah / Drifter (SE) / Girlie (DE)  / Hey Way / I Wear* Experiment (EST) / Jacob Faurholt / Juju Bell / Jørck / Kristian Harting / LEW / Little Children (S) / Mad To Be Saved / Maria Viskonti / Mavi Express (IT/LT/DK) / Men Without Hats (CA) / My Beloved / Oldseed (CA) / Own Road / Penny Police / Rome In Reverse (IT/DK) / Slow Steve (D) / The Speed Devils / Total Heels / TUHAF / Younolovebunny