Sorte Firkant is held in four different venues, which are all in walking distance from each other. The venues varies from traditional club venues to more alternative locations such as a blackbox and a church.

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Stengade is the main venue of the festival with the highest audience capacity of around 230 people. Having existed since 1972, Stengade has evolved through many iterations, but has since its beginning been a mainstay for upcoming and alternative music in Copenhagen. Which it still is. Stengade is a non-profit venue that is almost exclusively run by passionate volunteers.


Støberiet consists of cozy surroundings with room for creativity and is located above the local library, Blågårdens Bibliotek, on the 2th floor. With the capacity of [150] people, the venue will offer intimate concerts and will act as a hotbed for the brand-new artists. Commonly, it is a local and modest arts center for cultural events, such as debates, concerts, and religious celebrations that reflects the diversity of the district’s public. Støberiet also hosts a smaller venue called nano-støberiet, which is placed in the same building. 

Brorsons Kirken

Brosons Kirken or “Brorsons Church” is a progressive parish church, which functions as both a church and a concert venue. This beautiful venue has hosted everything from singer-songwriters, to electronic music, and experimental artists such as Lee Ranaldo, who played during the festival in 2018. This venue hosts a seated audience of around 350 people.


Food and Drinks 

Sorte Firkant will not offer any meals as we would rather recommend our guests to explore the local restaurants, cafes, and diners, whom serve a broad variety of food from different corners of the world. Drinks will be served at all venues. As every venue has different selections, we suggest our guests to inquire the local bartenders that are happy to assist you in finding the perfect refreshment. It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks inside at any of the venues.  


Because Sorte Festival is located in the centre of Nørrebro, both 5A and 3A will bring you close to festival site. Get off the bus at Elmegade and you are in walking distance of any venue.  

Tickets and Entrance

Partout: Your ticket will be scanned upon arrival and you will be equipped with a wristband that gives you access to every venue both days.

One-Day: Your ticket will be scanned upon arrival and you will be equipped with a wristband that gives you access to every venue . Your wristband will not give you access to 


We are always looking for volunteers for our festival. Please enquire at